Harvest Homecoming

2016 Festival Winners

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Gold Pin Prize Winners
Miss Harvest Homecoming & Outstanding Teen
Pumpkin Decorating Contest
Who Wants to be a College Student
Bowling Tournament
Pumpkin Chunking
Baby Photo Contest
Booth Decorating
Harvest Hold ‘Em
Baby Crawl
Cornhole Tournament
Petite Little Miss, Little Miss, Little Master, Preteen
Home Decorating Contest
Big Wheel Race
Childrens’ Tractor Pull
Baking Contest
HHC Queens 50/50 Raffle
Costume Contest
Booth Drawing
Pin Spotter Winners
Car Show
Harvest Idol

Gold Pin Prize Winners

Grand Prize #1
Three night trip for family of four to Disney World courtesy of Bliss Travel
Brian Philpott

Grand Prize #2
High-Efficiency Furnace with Free installation courtesy ofSummers Plumbing Heating and Cooling
John Franzell

1st Place Pin Prize
$3,500 courtesy of Furniture of Schmitt Furniture
Robin Bowling

2nd Place Pin Prize
$1,500 Gift Card courtesy of Kroger
Melinda Hosking

3rd Place Pin Prize
2 ct. Tennis Bracelet courtesy of Koerbers Fine Jewelry
Cindy Bland

Four-Drawer letter size file cabinet courtesy of Office Supply Company
Kim Williams

One set of Big O Tires courtesy of Big O Tires
Christine Sigler

Multifunction Copier courtesy of Copier Mart
Craig McNamee

Area Rug courtesy of Carper Corner
Patsy O’Neil

(2) 1 Year – Planet Fitness Membership courtesy of Planet Fitness
Mindy Proctor

Dinner for 50 people courtesy of Pork Chop City
Kimberly McNamee

Miss Harvest Homecoming Scholarship Pageants

Miss Harvest Homecoming
Ollie Ballew

Miss Harvest Homecoming’s Outstanding Teen
Meadow Ryann

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Grand Champion – Individual
Braylon Smith

Grand Champion – Group
Mr Green’s Kindergarden

Individual ages 1-4
1st Nathan McDowell
2nd Adele Burton
3rd Scarlett Walker

Individual ages 5-7
1st Ava Quinn
2nd Natalie Hammond
3rd Braylon Walker

Individual Ages 8-9
1st Ella Walker
2nd Wyatt Miller
3rd Levi Hammond

Individual 10-11
1st Alaina Walker
2nd Miguel Felix
3rd Blake Spencer

Individual 12-16
1st Ashtyn Houglin
2nd Katrina Walker
3rd Brandon Whaley

Individual 17-20
1st Sierra Midkiff
2nd Skyler Houglin

Individual 21-54
1st Lacy Snyder
2nd Sara Walker
Michael Walker

Individual Exceptional
1st Maddox Heavrin

Individual Seniors
1st Jane Burden

Individual Crafts
1st Debpraj Burden
2nd James Cotton

Family Group
1st Lauren Hammond

School Group
Mr. Green’s Kindergarden @ Green Valley School


Who Wants to be a College Student

$450 Prize
Erin Short – NAHS
Claire Lowney – FCHS
Erin Torres – NAHS
Gabrielle Yowell – NAHS
Jennifer Rodgers – NAHS

$600 Prize
Maria Bierly – NAHS
Heli Butala – NAHS
Emily Yellina – NAHS
Skyler Houglin – NAHS
Samantha Bearden – NAHS

$750 Prize
Seth Short – NAHS
Rohan Reddy – NAHS

$900 Prize
Jacob Mullins – NAHS
Wyatt Campbell – NAHS

$1200 Prize
Sophia Kimbell – NAHS

Parade Winners


2nd Indiana Honor Guard
3rd Haynes Martial Arts

1st NAHS
2nd Floyd County Orchestra
3rd IUS

2nd Indiana State Police Honor Guard
3rd All Staz Gymnastics & Cheer

1st Lafayette Township
2nd Tri-County Shrine
3rd Bill Koch

Lafayette Township

Motion Studio


Floyd County Relay for Life

1st Grace Lutheran Church
2nd Floyd County Relay for Life
3rd East Spring Street

1st IUS
2nd Floyd County Brewing

1st Grace Lutheran Church
2nd Floyd County Relay for Life
3rd VFW Floyd County Post 3281

New Albany Parks & Recreation

1st Grace Lutheran Church
2nd VFW Floyd County Post 3281
3rd East Spring Street

1st East Spring St.
2nd IUS

No-Tap Bowling Tournament

1st Heather Comick
2nd Delana Cunningham

1st   Aaron Bilbro
2nd Don Kahoe


Purdue Pumpkin Chunking Competition

Adult Division

Mayor’s Award

Most Efficient Machine
Chunkin Chicks

High School Division
New Albany High School

Middle School
Girl Scout Troop 383 from North Harrison

Baby Photo Contest

0 to 18 Months
Girl – Harper Fogle
Boy – Larenzo Garcia

19 to 36 Months
Girl – Delaney Belcher
Boy – Nash O’Neal

Booth Decorating Winners

1st Williams Bros – P73
2nd McAllister Chiropractic – P12
3rd Mariposa Consignments – P89

1st Cornerstone – M30
2nd Atkins Chapel – B69
3rd Edwardsville – M3

1st Tri Kappa – P94
2nd Altrusa – P33

1st Nell’s Place – P55

Floyd County Animal Rescue League – B31

Harvest Hold ‘Em

Due to low turnout, this event was cancelled.

Baby Crawl

1st – Jackson Pickerrell – 12 mos Parent/Guardian Erin Pickerrell
2nd – Calvin Hubbuch – 10 mos Parent/Guardian Travis/Kathleen Hubbuch
3rd – Migual “Eddie” – 10 mos Parent/Guardian Kathy Williams

Cornhole Tournament

1st – Steve Vanderver Derrick King
2nd – Dale White, Lester Price
3rd – Clinton Lucas, Keith Blair
4th – Kenny Fint, Cody Roberson
5th – Daymon Dennis, Philip Haydon

Petite Little Miss, Little Master, Little Miss, Preteen

Petite Little Miss
Best Interview – Zoey Koehler
Best Smile – Amelia Kellem
Best Outfit – Payton Troutman
Superb Style Award – Raegan Thompson
4th runner-up – Genevieve Green
3rd runner up – Bella Siefring
2nd runner up – Payton Troutman
1st runner up – Zoey Koehler

Little Master
Best Interview – Daniel Fee
Best Smile – Ty Henderson
Best Outfit – Cooper Campbell
Superb Style – Jaxon Carroll
4th runner up – Landon Nayrer
3rd runner up – Daniel Fee
2nd runner up – Cooper Campbell
1st runner up – Ty HEnderson

Little Miss
Interview – Brooklyn Fein
Smile – Ayanna MsChel Starks
Outfit – Emma Pollard
Style – Lila Dale
4th runner up – Lillie Furmall
3rd runner up – Lila Dale
2nd runner up Ava McKinney
1st runner up – Asha Franklin

Interview – Hailey Troutman
Smile – Abigail Pemberton
Outfit – Kylie McDonald
Style – Addison Enbry
4th – Kirsten Koehler
3rd – Hailey Troutman
2nd – Kylia McDonald
1st – Abigail Pemberton

Home Decorating Contest

1st – Gerri Troncin
2nd – Rebeca Snider
3rd – Denna Step

Big Wheel Race

3 to 4 Year Olds
1st – Gabriel Stewart Big Wheel Winner
2nd – Dominick Gerde
3rd – Abby Nigg

5 to 6 Year Olds
1st – Austin Bainbridge
2nd – Cason Riley
3rd – Caleb Oliver

7 to 8 Year Olds
1st – Blake Mayfield
2nd – Evie Naville
3rd – Magdalene Conrad

Childrens’ Tractor Pull

Class A – 30 to 45 lbs.
1st – Evan Schilmiller – Full Pull
2nd – Waylon Smith – 29’ 8”
3rd – Zadie Orr – 19’

Class B – 46-60 lbs.
1st – Reaghan Wiles – Full Pull + 34’
2nd – Zachary Orr – Full Pull + 29’10”
3rd – Amelia Behr – Full Pull + 20’ 4”

Class C – 61 to 75 lbs.
1st – Brianna Eurton – 35’ 3”
2nd – Daniel Stiner – 33’
3rd – Mason Taylor – 28’ 9”

Class D – 76 to 90 lbs.
1st – Griffin Lorfing – Full Pull – Tractor Winner
2nd – Dominic Gerde – 30’ 6”
3rd – Walter Wensink – 26’ 5”

Harvest Baking Contest

Grand Prize Adult Division
Shelena Gaus

Grand Prize Child Division
Mia Chilton

Cookies 100-199
1st Place
Adult Division – Rhonda Miller
Child Division – Charlee Watson

2nd Place
Adult Division – Tom Nash
Child Division – none

3rd Place
Adult Division – Terry Luker
Child Division – none

Cakes 200-299
1st Place
Adult Division – Ron Hargesheimer
Child Division – Keira Julian

2nd Place
Adult Division – Rhonda Miller
Child Division – Kayla Smith

3rd Place
Adult Division – Paige McDowall
Child Division – none

Pies 300-399
1st Place
Adult Division – Christy Roberts
Child Division – Emery Aemmer

2nd Place
Adult Division – Rhonda Miller
Child Division – none

3rd Place
Adult Division – Terry Luker
Child Division – none

Puddings 400-499
1st Place
Adult Division – Terry Luker
Child Division – Katie Dorman

2nd Place
Adult Division – Alma Graf
Child Division – Maya Watson

3rd Place
Adult Division – Denise Burden
Child Division – none

Breads 500-599
1st Place
Adult Division – Angela Smith
Child Division – Destiny Brandandt

2nd Place
Adult Division – Alma Graf
Child Division – Ethan Beliles

3rd Place
Adult Division – Terry Luker
Child Division – none

Bars 600-699
1st Place
Adult Division – Shelena Gaus
Child Division – Mia Chilton

2nd Place
Adult Division – Erika Lopp
Child Division – none

3rd Place
Adult Division – Linda Davis
Child Division – none

Miscellaneous 700-799 (No child winners)
1st Place
Adult Division – Shelena Gaus
2nd Place
Adult Division – Christy Roberts
3rd Place
Adult Division – Sandy Gordon

HHC Queens 50/50 Raffle

Garrett Ruttle

Costume Contest

0 to 2 Year Old
1st Aria Rose Puckett
2nd Brooks Niehoff
3rd Kohl Reisert

2 to 4 Year Old
1st Landon Mauier tie 1st Alivia (no last name)
2nd Lillian Koeppel
3rd Cameron Mewes

5 to 9 Year Old
1st Ashton Dickey
2nd Brentley Weddington
3rd Kalea Cooper

10 to 14 Year Old
1st Noah Nifong
2nd Rilgn Sparks
3rd Aimeea Hutchins

1st Charles & Jona Carper
2nd Brodie & Kalea (no last name)
3rd Noah & Noel Nifong

Booth Drawing

Elk #270 New Albany Winner
Ernest Finkle

Pin Spotter Winners

Jim Munford
Mary Munford
Nick Schmitt
David Duggins
Joan Mullineaux
Bob Jeffers
Cheri Receveur
Rebecca Carothers
Murrell Cotner
Theresa Case Watson
Dennis Morris
Jim Bledsoe
Megan Hoffman
Renee Yonell
Madison Sanders
Debbie Roberts
Chuck Shawner
Amanda Marks
Lisa L Smith
Pat Jackson
Bob Tylilcki
Jackie Murphy
Larry Summers
Jack Holt
Julie Conrad
Debra Roberts
Bonnie Edwards
Lorna Hoppner
John McGill
Ty & Wanda Atkins
Kim Suiter
Vernon Ambrose
Candy Daniels
Janis Summers
Kimberly Graham
Kayla Graham
Jeanie Fetz
Mary Blanton
Donovan Fultz
Marcus Daniels
Christina Robinson
Steve Leffler

Car Show

Best Hot Rod
Mark and Brenda Hall-1933 Willys Gasser

Best Paint
Anthony Williams-1966 Buick Riviera

Best Other
Hyrum Bingham-1938 Ford Roadster

Best Ford
Bud Noel-1940 Ford

Best Bike
Gary Collett-2013 Harley Deluxe custom

People’s Choice
Kristi MCLaughlin-1971 Chevelle

Mayor’s Pick
Ray Knight-1971 Corvette

Best GM
Dene Ashcraft-1961 Corvette

Best Street Rod
Larry Hubler-1931 Ford A coupe

$100 Winners
Ed Mayfield
Andy Perryman
Bill Lott
Trey Newton

Harvest Idol

2016 Harvest Idol Winner
Bryson Barnett

2nd – Kaitlyn Burdine
3rd – Cheyenne Stepp

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