Harvest Homecoming

2017 Festival Winners

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1967 Mustang Winner
Gold Pin Prize Winners
Miss Harvest Homecoming & Outstanding Teen
Pumpkin Decorating Contest
Who Wants to be a College Student
Pumpkin Chunking
Baby Photo Contest
Booth Decorating
Baby Crawl
Cornhole Tournament
Petite Little Miss, Little Miss, Little Master, Preteen
Home Decorating Contest
Big Wheel Race
Childrens’ Tractor Pull
Baking Contest
Costume Contest
Pin Spotter Winners

50th Anniversary 1967 Mustang Coupe Winner

Mozelle and Michael Portwood

Gold Pin Prize Winners

Seven-day cruise for two courtesy of BLISS TRAVEL
Kristy Harmon

1st Place Prize
High-Efficiency Furnace with FREE INSTALLATION
Annette Brinley

2nd Place Prize
Furniture valued at $3,500
Misty Gilbert

3rd Place Prize
2.00 ctw Diamond Tennis Bracelet set in 14 kt white gold
Tracy Denton

4th Place Prize
Mulifuction Copier / Printer courtesy of COPIER MART
Michael Cook

One set of Big O Tires courtesy of BIG O TIRES
Mark Crain

Area rug courtesy of CARPET CORNER
Jerry Constantine

Dinner for 50 people cooked on location
Donnie Henry

Four-drawer letter-sized file cabinet
courtesy of OFFICE SUPPLY CO
Paul Sexton

Miss Harvest Homecoming Scholarship Pageants

Miss Harvest Homecoming
Tiarra Taylor

Miss Harvest Homecoming’s Outstanding Teen
Meg Edwards

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Grand Champion – Individual
Melissa Burton

Grand Champion – Group
Mire Family

Individual Ages 1-4
1. Scarlett Walker
2. Caraline Walker

Individual Ages 5-7
1. Addison Aebersold
2. Adele Burton
3. Bralon Walker

Individual Ages 8-9
1. Ella Walker
2. Taylor Brading
3. Colten Brading

Individual Ages 10-11
1. Riley Aebersold
2. Isabelle Brading

Individual Ages 12-16
1. Jenna Brading
2. Alaina Walker

Individual 17-20
1. Cat Walker

Individual 21-54
1. Melissa Burton and Erika Lopp
2. Daniel Burton
3. Sara Walker, Michael Walker and Kylaina Walker

Individual Exceptional
1. Maddox Heavrin

Individual Seniors
1. Mark Kruer
2. Saundra Duffee
3. Jane Burden

Individual Craft
1. Deborah Burden
2. Jane Burden

Family Group
1. Walker Family
2. Thaxton Family
3. Brenda Farrell


Who Wants to be a College Student

$1050 Scholarship
Maggie Mae Adam, New Albany High School

$750 Scholarship
Hannah Dowell, New Albany High School

$600 Scholarship
Kristen Davis, New Albany High School
Kier Longest, Floyd Central
Kameron Guess, New Albany High School
Thomas Kendall, New Albany High School
Audra McFerren, Floyd Central
Kyann South, New Albany High School
Jaqueline Barger, New Albany High School
Jonah Boone, New Albany High School
Karalynn Flora, New Albany High School

$450 Scholarship
Claire Wheeler, Floyd Central
Ryan Clemons, New Albany High School
Magan Salyer, New Albany High School
Vincent Hogue, New Albany High School
Elizabeth Hop, New Albany High School
Elizabeth Smith, New Albany High School
Mary Werner, Floyd Central
Ryan Robison, New Albany High School
Jacob Lawrence, New Albany High School
Morgan Hamilton, Floyd Central

Parade Winners


2 ND Lafayette Fire Dept.
3 rd Indiana State Police

1 st Floyd Central High School Symphony Orchestra
2 nd Haynes Martial Arts Academy
3 rd All Starz Gymnastic & Cheerleading

1 st Floyd Central High School Symphony Orchestra $150
2 nd NAHS Bulldog Band $150
3 rd IUS $150

1 ST Cedar Creek Drafts

1 st French Lick Resort
2 nd Kilroy Chapter, Military Vehicle Preservation
3 rd Bill & Charlotte Koch

Georgetown Township Fire Protection Dist. $800 to Crusade for Children

Jeff Woodard $300


Floyd County Head Start $300

1 st IUS $300
2 nd East Spring Street Neighborhood Assoc. $100
3 rd Floyd County Head Start $50

1 st IUS $300
2 nd VFW Hobart Beach Post 1693 & Auxiliary $100
3 rd Mid-America College of Funeral Service $50

1 st East Spring Street Neighborhood Assoc. $300
2 nd Floyd County Head Start $100
3 rd Indiana Miss Amazing Sr Miss Queen 2017 $50

New Albany Parks & Recreation

1 st East Spring Street Neighborhood Assoc. $300
2 nd VFW Floyd County Post 3281 $100
3 rd VFW Hobart Beach Post 1693 & Auxiliary $50

1 st IUS $300
2 nd East Spring Street Neighborhood Assoc. $100
3 rd Floyd County Head Start $50

Purdue Pumpkin Chunking Competition

West Washington High School

Mayor’s Award 
Totally Wizard

Adult Award 
Totally Wizard


Baby Photo Contest

0-18 Months
Boy: Ace Hicks
Girl: Everly Ann VanArsdale

19-36 Months
Boy: Sebastian (Bash) Royal
Girl: Justine K. Bruner

Booth Decorating Winners

Civic Organization
1st: Tri Kappa
2nd: Boy Scouts Troop 15
3rd: Develop New Albany

1st: Rookies Cookies
2nd: McCallister Chiropractic
3rd: Williams Brothers

1st: Atkins
2nd: Edwardsille
3rd: Cornerstone

1st: Wreaths by Ann
2nd: The Mustard Seed and SOAR

Best Overall
Atkins Church

Baby Crawl

Grand Champion
1 st Lucy Bratcher 12 months
2 nd Tristan Doud 10 months
3 rd Everett Hinton 8 months

6-8 Months
1 st Everett Hinton
2 nd Grayson Migallanas
3 rd Mia Miller

9-10 Months
1 st Tristan Doud
2 nd Porter Boss
3 rd Miles David Hoffer

11-13 Months
1 st Lucy Brataher
2 nd Adalyan McCluskey
3 rd Edith Woods

Cornhole Tournament

1st: Lester Price &  Dale Smith
2nd: Cody Clark & Robert Hatfield
3rd: Keith Blair & Josh Lunford
4th: Steve Smith & Kile Brown

Petite Little Miss, Little Master, Little Miss, Preteen

Petite Little Miss: Brooklyn Sexton
1st Runner Up: Harper Green
2nd Runner Up: Ziva Huth
3rd Runner Up: Savannah Turpen
4th Runner UP: Genevieve Green
Best Interview: Taytum Fowler
Best Smile: Ivy Pompa
Best Outfit: Katelyn Goodale
Superb Style: alexis simms

Little Master: Ty Henderson
1st Runner Up: Sebastian Pompa
2nd Runner Up: Cooper Nash
3rd Runner Up: Lee Schilmiller
Best interview: Ty Henderson
Best Smile: Lee Schillmiller
Best Outfit: Cooper Nash
Superb Style: Sebastian Pompa

Little Miss: Gulissa Porter
1st Runner Up: Harper Mattingly
2nd Runner Up: Lillie Furmall
3rd Runner Up: Arie’auna Smith
4th Runner Up: Lacy Mae Schilmiller
Best Interview: Emma Pollard
Best Smile: Lila Dale
Best Outfit: Serenity Eckert
Superb Style: Harper Mattingly

Preteen: Asha Franklin
1st Runner Up: Arianna Gary
2nd Runner Up: Princess-Charity Tate
3rd Runner Up: Kylie McDonald
4th Runner Up: Shiann Spalding
Best Interview: Arianna Gary
Best Smile: Kylie Mcdonald
Best Outfit: Karma Symonette
Superb Style: Kenzie Keller

Home Decorating Contest

1st: Donna Step – 1217 E. Main St.
2nd: Rebecca Snider – 3105 Lacewood Ln.
3rd: Gerri Troncin – 2205 Ekin Ave.
4th: Maggie Cole – 1732 Division St.

Big Wheel Race

3-4 Year Old Winners
1st: Landon Maurer
2nd: Macaub Conrad
3rd: Lincoln Miller

5-6 Year Old Winners
1st: Caleb Oliver
2nd: Dominic Gerde
3rd: Hudson Harshey

7-8 Year Old Winners
1st: Blair Popp
2nd: Malachi Conrad
3rd: Olivia Kahl

Childrens’ Tractor Pull

30 – 45 Pounds
1st: Waylon Cash Smith
2nd: Evan Schilmiller
3rd: Nolan Ratliner

46 – 60 Pounds
1st: Lacy Schilmiller
2nd: Mason Meyers
3rd: Ethan Behr

61 – 75 Pounds
1st: Brianna Eurton
2nd: Reaghan Wiles
3rd: Amelia Behr

76 – 90 Pounds
1st: Landon Roll
2nd: Daniel Stiner
3rd: Malachi Conrad

Harvest Baking Contest

Adult: 1st – Christy Roberts
Child: 1st – Mia Chilton; 2nd – Molly Vance

Adult: 1st – Terry Luker; 2nd – Ginger Dreyer; 3rd – Emily Byrd
Child: 1st – Elliana Zajac; 2nd – Nathan Byrd; 3rd – Destiny Brabandt

Adult: 1st – Michelle Grut; 2nd – Terry Luker; 3rd -Alma Graf
Child: 1st – Emery Aemmer; 2nd – Maya Watson; 3rd – Samantha Berry

1st – Sierra Zamorano

Adult: 1st – Tim Yates; 2nd – Alma Graf; 3rd -Terry Luker
Child: 1st – Emery Aemmer; 2nd – Hayden Evvard; 3rd – Ethan Beliles

Adult: 1st – Christy Roberts; 2nd – Ginger Dreyer; 3rd -Terry Lucker
Child: 1st – Mia Chilton; 2nd – Aubrey Gesser

Adult: 1st – Lorna Hoeppner; 2nd – Sheiena Gaus; 3rd -Terry Luker
Child: 1st – Charlee Watson; 2nd – Emmy Scott; 3rd – Maggie Adam

Grand Prize Adult Division: Christy Roberts

Grand Prize Child Division: Emery Aemmer

Costume Contest

0-2 Years
1st: Brandon Wagoner
2nd: Harper J. Lance
3rd: Tristan Doud

2-4 Years
1st: Landon Maurer
2nd: Calvin Hubbuch
3rd: Amos Hicks

5-9 Years
1st: Ashton Dickey
2nd: Cameron Mewes
3rd: Nolan Ratner

1st: Jona Carper
2nd: Kalea & Brodie
3rd: Sayre Grimes

Overall Winner
Landon Maurer

Pin Spotter Winners

Linda Zahn Applebee’s
Katherine Rissler Zaxby’s
Rose Morris McDonald
Leona Murphy McDonald’s
Doris Buechler Olive Garden
Marsha Shane Olive Garden
Jeanine Rakes McDonald’s
Tom Rakes Mcdonald’s
Dennis Morris Bubba’s
Stephen P. Marsh Bubba’s
Shara Augsburger Tumbleweed
Claire Williams Olive Garden
Danny Brown Bubba’s
Christie Hogan Salon Gautier
Kenneth Long Tumbleweed
Angela Rakes McDonald’s
Lee Ann Jones Olive Garden
Tammy Martin Salon Gautier
Theresa Ash McDonald’s
Janice Grady McDonald’s
Jacquelyn Singleton McDonald’s
Barbara Grose Zaxby’s
Glendy Morris Zaxby’s
Trudy Landers Zaxby’s
Augusta Smith Zaxby’s
Margie Voignier Olive Garden
Donna Stinson Tumbleweed
Ron Andres Olive Garden
Denise Beickman Rockey’s Dock Seafood
Russ Sprigler Wick’s Pizza
Beverly Sprigler Wick’s Pizza
Ginny McGarvey Wick’s Pizza
Kristi Bezy Olive Garden
Stephen P. Marsh Longhorn Steakhouse
Betsy Edwards Olive Garden
Rickie Henderson Wick’s Pizza
Claire Williams Rockey’s Dock Seafood
Sherry Bell Pizza King
Kathryn Davis-Lichenberger Wick’s Pizza
Stephen Marsh Pizza King
Ron Andres Longhorn Steakhouse
Carol Flispart Cheddar’s
Chloe Rose Cheddar’s
Christie Hogan Wick’s Pizza
Frank Dinoto Pizza King
Ty Atkins White Castle
Jane Dinoto Salon Gautier
Amy Meyer Bubba’s
Elta Mullins Bubba’s
Abby Gardner Longhorn Steakhouse
Arnetta Owen Mark’s Feedstore
Barb Bledsoe White Castle
Melissa Bostock Salon Gautier
Mary Bruner White Castle
Paula Owen White Castle
Danny Needham White Castle
Joy Thomas Pizza King
Debra Croxall Bubba’s
Bobbi Smith Olive Garden
Jill Davis Mark’s Feedstore
Tera Swift Pizza King
Gina Schroder Bubba’s
Claire Williams Rockey’s Dock Seafood
Jeanine Rakes Salon Gautier
Judy Hanen White Castle
Jan McStoots White Castle
Tom Rakes White Castle
Dalan Do Pizza King
Marilyn Belden Salon Gautier
Cu Do White Castle
Michael Banet White Castle
Todd Adam Wick’s Pizza
Pam Norton Pizza King
Nedra Geary White Castle
Ryan Marsh Mark’s Feedstore
Jane Haws White Castle
Dale Haws White Castle
Melissa Meride White Castle
Sherry Clark Pizza King
Jeanne Mitchell Pizza King
Rex Banet White Castle
Cody Weigleb Zaxby’s
Cheryl Beach Korb Cheddar’s
Pam Haas Pizza King
Karla Reynolds Wick’s Pizza
Brenda Newsom Zaxby’s
Linda Norwood Mark’s Feedstore
Veronica Banet Pizza King
Barbara Helm White Castle
Rose Galindo White Castle


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