Harvest Homecoming

2018 Festival Winners

Miss Harvest Homecoming Scholarship Pageants

Miss Harvest Homecoming
Madelyn Steurer

Miss Harvest Homecoming’s Outstanding Teen
Skylar Adwell

Gold Pin Winners

Set of Big O Tires
Alison Lewis

Four Drawer Filing Cabinet from Office Supply
Robin Whitmer

Area Rug from Carpet Corner
Rebecca Carothers

Dinner for 50 cooked on location from the Pork Chop Booth
Mary Kelley

4th Place
Multifunction Copier/Printer from Copier Mart

Steve Hamilton

3rd Place
2.00 cwt. Diamond Tennis Bracelet from Koerber’s Fine Jewelry

Chris Leach

2nd Place
$3500 from Schmitt Furniture
Meg Sullivan

1st Place
High Efficiency Furnace with Free Installation from Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling
Jessica Farnsley

Grand Prize
Seven Day Cruise for 2 to the Caribbean, Alaska, Bermuda or Canada from Bliss Travel
Marilyn Belden

Window Paint-In

S. Ellen Jones Elementary School
Painted at the J. Nicole Salon store front

Parade Float Winners

Performing Unit
1st Place Jeffersonville Red Devil Step Team
2nd Place Haynes Martial Arts
3rd Place Red Diamonds Step Team

School Band
1st Place Floyd Central Symphony
2nd Place New Albany High School Band

Motorized Unit
1st Place Denise Brooks
2nd Place Steve Thompson
3rd Place Kilroy Chapter

Animal Unit
1st Place Floyde County 4-H
2nd Place Cedar Drafts

1st Place Lafayette

Sweepstake Winner

Junior Citizens Award
1st Place IUS
2nd Place Floyd County Head Start
3rd Place Floyd County Farmers Market

Henty Ramsier Award
1st Place IUS
2nd Place Floyd County Head Start
3rd Place VFW Post 3281

Commercial Award
1st Place VFW Post 1693

Vice President Award
1st Place IUS
2nd Place VFW Post 2181
3rd Place VFW Post 1693

Mayors Award
Storm Waters

Presidents Award
1st Place IUS
2nd Place Floyd County Head Start
3rd Place VFW Post 3281

Theme Award
1st Place IUS
2nd Street Diversicare of Providence

Kevin Hammersmith Memorial :
Who Wants to be a College Student

Dylan Kost, New Albany High School, $900
Zachary Blanton, New Albany High School, $900
Kyla Weber, Floyd Central, $900
Jorah Heitz, Floyd Central, $750
Rachel Rutherford, New Albany High School, $750
Jared Wright, New Albany High School, $750
Anna Hsiao, New Albany High School, $750
Elizabeth Bobbitt, New Albany High School, $600
Colleen Carey, Floyd Central, $600
Annmarie Tichy, Our Lady of Providence, $600
Alyssa Akermon, Floyd Central, $600
Kaitlyn Nugent, New Albany High School, $450
Madison Trueblood, New Albany High School, $450
Morgan Jenks, New Albany High School, $450
Jonathan Gatewood, New Albany High School, $450
Lillian Haag, New Albany High School, $450
David Galligan, New Albany High School, $450
Aayanna Winburn, New Albany High School, $450

Purdue Pumpkin Chunking Competition

Adult Division – Black Widow
High School Division – West Washington High School
Purdue Award for Efficiency – Excalibur
Mayor’s Award – Black Widow
Middle School  – Jonathan Jennings

Pin spotter awards

John Franzeil – Sam’s Food & Restaurant
Carrie Wright – Big 4 Burger
Angela ? – Dragon King’s Daughter
Tonja Sunderhaus – Dragon King’s Daughter
Patrick Rogers – Mark’s Feed Store
John Kaiser – The Dock
Melissa Sather – Mark’s Feed Store
Dan Byerley – Longhorn Steakhouse
Virginia Stroh – The Exchange
Hailey Swift – McDonald’s
Donna Swift – The Dock
Tera Swift – Big 4 Burger
Wanda Atkins – Mark’s Feed Store
Ty Atkins – McDonald’s
Steve Marsh – Big 4 Burger
Sherry Barger – Salon Gautier
Mary Keller – Olivet
Melissa Cates – Wick’s
Jill Billups – Salon Gautier
Ten Hill – Olivet
Anita McCoffey – Salon Gautier
Jason Bishop – Big 4 Burger
Angelia Barger – Mister G’s Car Wash
Tracy Bishop – Big 4 Burger
Cheryl Marsh – Olivet
Mike Arms – Big 4 Burger
Kelley Page – McDonald’s
Sandra Broman – Mark’s Feed Store
Venetia Page – Big 4 Burger
Jean Weil – The Exchange
Nedra Geary – Jay C
Donna Griffin – Papa Murphy
Paula Wimsatt – McDonald’s
Paula Wimsatt – Jimmy John’s
Matt Underwood – Wick’s
Erin McCall – Jay C
Deborah Burden – Big 4 Burger
Judy Berry – McDonald’s
Diana Kendall – Mark’s Feed Store
Krysteena Metcalf – McDonald’s
Angela Bernardi – Wick’s
Kimberly Metcalf – Wick’s
Stephanie Metcalf – Jay C
Thomas Wagra – McDonald’s
Shane Timberlake – Big 4 Burger
Bryan Catron – Mark’s Feed Store
Allen Morris – Sam’s Food Restaurant
Andrea Morris – McDonald’s
Gary Green – Papa Murphy
Bill Fischer – Papa Murphy
Rose Morris – McDonald’s
Dennis Morris – McDonald’s
Kristie Eliason Big 4 Burger
G Tanner – Rally’s
Geri Jeffers- McDonald’s
Bob Jeffers – McDonald’s
Jennifer Hammond – McDonald’s
Robert Hammond – McDonald’s
Joni Porter – Rally’s
Tony Porter – Rally’s
Martin ? – The Dock
Sabrina ? – The Dock
Jeff Lamb – Big 4 Burger
Matt Underwood – Longhorn
Alyson Stamper – Olive Garden
Doug Whalen – Big 4 Burger
Jeanne Mitchell – Mr. G’s Car Wash
Margie Voignier – Sam’s Food & Restaurant
Angel Priddy – Sam’s Food & Restaurant
Nedia Geary – Longhorn
Nina Hitner – Big 4 Burger
Megan Job – Olive Garden
Bill Koch – Olive Garden
Don Hitner – Big 4 Burger
Sam Anders – Umbrella
Carl Vance – Louisville Slugger Museum
Donald Moreillon – Louisville Slugger Museum
Ariel Lagrange – Louisville Slugger Museum
Ashley Browning – Umbrella
Tressie Jecker – Mr. G’s Car Wash
Tabetha Holland – Big 4 Burger
Danny Brown – Mr. G’s Car Wash
Jennifer Brown – Mr. G’s Car Wash
Doug Weber – Big 4 Burger
Sherry Barger – Papa Murphy
John Kaiser – Louisville Slugger Museum
Yvonne Wathen – Big 4 Burger
Angelia Barger – Big 4 Burger
Deanna Gettelfinger – Big 4 Burger
Lucille Farnsley – Umbrella
Angi Bostock – Big 4 Burger
David Cook – Umbrella
Melissa Bostock – Big 4 Burger
Sarah Kleeman – Umbrella
Tricia Quinkert – Umbrella
Douglas Weber – Louisville Slugger Museum
Denise Beickman – Fireside Bar & Grill
Beverly Sprigler – Big 4 Burger
Tricia Quinkert – Big 4 Burger
George Henderson – Umbrella
Don Morellon – Umbrella
Connie Botlo – Big 4 Burger
Denise Beickman – Fireside Bar & Grill
Rob Elnore – Big 4 Burger
Danny Brown – Big 4 Burger

Baby Photo Contest

0-18 Months
Girl VIOLET DENNIS – Mary Kissel & Andrew Dennis
Boy LUCAS HANCE – Parent Amanda Hance

19-36 Months
Boy CLARK MERKEL – Parents Blake and Brittany Merkel
Girl ADELYN – Parent Brianna Prior

2018 Booth Decoration Awards

1st Place – River Ridge Longbeards P51-52
2nd Place – Tri Kappa P94
3rd Place – Animal Rescue League B31-32

1st Place – Dada P43
2nd Place Traditions at Hunter Station P73
3rd Place The Mustard Seed P60-63

1st Place – Cornerstone Church
2nd Place – Atkins Chapel
3rd Place Safe Harbor Community Church

Overall Winner
Exit Realty One

Costume Contest

0-12 Months
1st Place – Karson Zaimah
2nd – Wyatt Woodard
3rd Place – Hazel Pendleton

13-23 Months
1st Place – Kylee Brown
2nd Place – Corbin Campbell
3rd Place – Khloe Baker

2 Year Olds
1st Place – Brandon Wagoner
2nd Place – Nash Mikesell
3rd Place – Adelyn Rudy

3 Year Old
1st Place – Robert Wheeler III
2nd Place – Abel Davis
3rd – Larenzo Garcia

4-5 Year Olds
1st Place – Cooper Campbell
2nd Place – Karter Zaimah
3rd Place – Sophie Glenn

6-8 Year Olds
1st Place – Nolan Ratner
2nd Place – Ashton Dickey
3rd Place – Bristal Shears

9-13 Year Olds
1st Place – Blessing James-Vonsendon
2nd Place – Colten Schabler
3rd Place – Westen Schabler

14 Years Old and Older
1st Place – Jona Carper
2nd Place – Mike Waters

1st Place – Bristal Shears & Aubrey Watson
2nd Place – Cooper & Corbin Campbell
3rd Place – Karter & Karson Zaimah

Overall Winner
Jona Carper

Cornhole Tournament

1st Place
Cody Clark
Daymon Dennis

2nd Place
Lester Price
Terry Mathis

3rd Place
Keith Blair
Matt Guy

Home Decorating Contest

1st Place: Tyler & Megan Bliss
2nd Place: Donna Step
3rd Place: Rebecca Snider

Honorable Mentions:
Regina Robinson
Gerri Troncin
Phil & Rita Thomas
Kathy Copas
Connie Nunn

Petite Little Miss / Little Master / Little Miss / Little Miss Pre-teen

Petite Little Miss: Jayla Stiff
1st Runner-Up Princess: Lillie Jackson
2nd Runner-Up Princess: Scarlett Walker
3rd Runner-Up Princess: Piper-Grace Sample
4th Runner-Up Princess: Abri Reardon
Best Interview: Melody Rose Duvall
Best Smile: Sierra Rose Elmore
Best Outfit: Amelia Kellem
Superb Style: Maggie Elizabeth Eichenberger

Little Master: Lincoln Spaw
1st Runner-Up Prince: Remy Boley
2nd Runner-Up Prince: Pheonix Anderson
3rd Runner-Up Prince: Waylon Fein
4th Runner-Up Prince: Isaiah Cole Warrick
Best Interview: Remy Boley
Best Smile: Caleb James Romero
Best Outfit: Zaeden Dunn
Superb Style: Luke Stacey

Little Miss: Lila Dale
1st Runner-Up Princess: Addy Scott
2nd Runner-Up Princess: Kylie Rose McWilliams
3rd Runner-Up Princess: Madison Geltmaker
4th Runner-Up Princess: Lillie Furmall
Best Interview: Elaina Kellem
Best Smile: Emma Pollard
Best Outfit: Abigail Bundy
Superb Style: Ava Pendleton

Little Miss Pre-Teen: Kenzie Keller
1st Runner-Up Princess: Brooklyn Nicole Fein
2nd Runner-Up Princess: Addison Ritchie
3rd Runner-Up Princess: Kylie Witt
4th Runner-Up Princess: Arie’auna Smith
Best Interview: Brooklyn Nicole Fein
Best Smile: Addison Ritchie
Best Outfit: Lacy Mae Schilmiller
Superb Style: Kylie Witt

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Ages 1-4
1. 46. Coraline Walker
2. 32. Tucker
3. 4. Mj Frossard

Ages 5-7
1. 44. Cooper Campbell
2. 14. Isabella Arnold
3. 48. Addison Aebersold

Ages 8-10
1. 10. Zane White
2. 13. Tristan Arnold
3. 12. Carissa Walsh

Ages 11-13
1. 37. Olivia McKinley
2. 49. Riley Aebersold

Ages 14-18
1. 41. Alyssa Evans

Ages 19-21
1. 18. Shi-ann Berg
2. 52. Sierra Midkiff

Ages 22-25
1. 7. Chistl Sell
2. 61. Micahel Walker
3. 42. Paige McDowall

1. 27. Maddox Heavrin
2. 57. MacKenzie Harlan

1. 5. Jane Burden
2. 20. Patricia Quinkert
3. 45. Johanna Melring

Individual Craft
1. 24. Donna Dangler
2. 19. Lillian Dangler
3. 6. Deborah Burden

Family Group
1. 11. Lopp Family
2. 8. Smith Family
3. 56. Walker Family

Individual: 7. Christi Sell
Group: 11. Lopp Family

Kid’s Dog Show

Best in Show
Hannah Detenber & Buddy

Best Costume
1st – Hadley Bell & Einstein
2nd – Noah Street & Maddie
3rd – Hannah Detenber & Buddy

Best Trick
1st – Heney Sorrels & Porkchop
2nd – Hannah Detenber & Buddy
3rd – Kylie Stewart & Bob Marley

Best Groomed
1st – Sidney Robbins & Looker
2nd – Gavin Sorrels & Hero
3rd – Claire Elme & Dayton

Face Only A Mother Could Love
1st – Gabriel Stewart & Lynnie
2nd – Zildjian & Sophie & Jax
3rd – Madelyn & Maggie Eichenberger & Keela

Most Interesting Pet
1st – Gabi Mayfield & Milkshake & Friends
2nd – Maggie Eichenberger & Cheek-uh-Linda

iRun Harvest 5K

Adult Men
Adam Togami 16:49.04
Patrick McWilliams 18:52.10
Nathaniel Higbie 19:23.55

Adult Women
Regina Hildernbrand-Moore 20:33.77
Brieanne Fleming 24:49.71
Lila Enders 25.14.30

Youth Boys
Ethan Edwards 21:22.69
Caden Reed 26:47.22
Miles Watson 27:31.80

Youth Girls
Leslie West – 23:38.17
Ella Higbie – 23:52.82
Maddie Smith – 23:55.23

Kids Day in the Tent

Bicycle Winner
Marina Bliss

Baking Contest

Grand Prize Adult Division
Christy Roberts

Grand Prize Child Division
Bayden Watson

1st Place
Adult – Terry Luker
Child -Rylan Boley

2nd Place
Adult – Erika Lopp
Child – Brooklyn Matthews

3rd Place
Adult – April Geltmaker

1st Place
Adult – Christy Roberts
Child – Kylie Stewart

2nd Place
Adult – Cheryl Popp
Child – Aubrey Messer

3rd Place
Adult – Lacey Furmall
Child – Destiny Brabandt

1st – Place
Adult – Christy Roberts

2nd Place
Adult – Blyss Ketterer

3rd Place
Adult Christl Sell

1st Place
Adult – Paige McDowall
Child – Olivia McDowall

2nd Place
Adult – Terry Grut

3rd Place
Adult – Vicky Lopp

1st Place
Adult – Lana Aebersold
Child – Bayden Watson

2nd Place
Adult – Tom Nash
Child – Emmy Scott

3rd Place
Adult – Terry Luker
Child – Nathan McDowell

1st Place
Adult – Andrea Lopp

2nd Place
Adult – Paige McDowall

3rd Place
Terry Luker

1st Place
Adult – Shelena Gaus
Child- Maddison Geltmaker

2nd Place
Adult – Vicky Lopp
Child – Eliza Watson

3rd Place
Adult – Terry Luker
Child- Destiny Brabandt

Baby Crawl

1st Place
Bowman Triplett 11 months
Parent Todd Triplett

2nd Place
Amelia King 10 months
Parents Rachel & Taylor King

3rd Place
Paisley Rose 12 Months
Parent Maisie Rose

Booth Drawings

Gift Certificates From R & K Greenhouse
Cathy Johnson – $50
Debra Ann – $25
Kimberly McFadden – $50
Theresa Shuck = $50
Paul Mills – $25
Eric Allen – $25
Kathy Hougland – $50
Christa Jefferson – $25
Sidney Main – $50
Rebecca Nash – $25
John Rotr – $25
Jennifer Gable – $25
Marshall Allen $50
David Naiser – $50

Kids Tractor Pull

Class A 35-45 pounds
1st Place – Nolan Rather
2nd Place – Marie Wilson
3rd Place – Remi Meyer

Class B 46-60 pounds
1st Place – Ethan Behr
2nd Place – Waylon Cash Smith

Class C 61-75 pounds
1st Place – Mason Meyer
2nd Place – Daniel Stiner
3rd Place – Amelia Behr

Class D 76-90 pounds
1st Place – Blake Wilson
2nd Place – Brianna Eurton
3rd Place – Dane Popp

Big Wheel Race

Age 3-4
1st Place – Landon Maurer
2nd Place – Amos Hicks
3rd Place – Eligah Jadczak

Age 5-6
1st Place – Elliott Basham
2nd Place – J. P. Jadczak
3rd Place – Henry Harshey

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