Harvest Homecoming

Parade Rules

Harvest Homecoming Parade Rules & Guidelines:

Registration is due on September 8, 2018. All entries must register in advance.

  • Refer to confirmation packet as to what time to check in, late check in may result in being scratched from the parade. You will receive this within 2 weeks of the Parade.
  • Store bought/pre-packaged candy, flyers or other giveaways will be permitted, providing you have 4 or more walkers passing them out, no throwing, throwing will jeopardize future appearances in the parade.
  • People choosing to ride on floats or in cars, must remain in the vehicle during the entire route.
  • Floats with children must have one adult per every ten children and ALL children must be seated during parade.
  • Anyone driving a vehicle of any from must present a valid driver’s license and must be over 18, please present at check in, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • One main member of the unit must be present at the Winners Circle (School Cafeteria) at 11:15am for instruction and awards.
  • Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances is forbidden on all entries and participants.
  • To ensure the quality of the parade, please be mindful of the orange cones along the route to keep gaps to a minimum. They cannot be more than 25 feet. Parade Official will direct units to close gaps.
  • Parade officials have the right to remove anyone causing trouble or not cooperating.
  • Trophies not given out in the Winner Circle will be available after the Parade. Winners will be called and can pick up their trophies at the Harvest Homecoming Office. Located at 431 Pearl Street in New Albany.
  • Only current elected officials can ride in convertibles (Harvest Homecoming will provide, unless you tell us otherwise), all other political figures must ride on their designated parties float. Political signs, including bumper stickers, are allowed on the designated float ONLY! All political parties must stay on the float at all times for safety. Each float will also have a Harvest Homecoming official escorting them to be sure that no one approaches them; this is for your safety. If you are running as an independent, Harvest Homecoming will provide a convertible for you to ride on.
  • Animal units must be dressed for the parade and they will be the last units in the parade.
  • Participants can’t change parade line up number without the approval of the Parade Vice President.
  • For your protection, floats should have handholds for people who are standing.
  • All floats MUST have a fire extinguisher on board.
  • In the event of rain, the parade will proceed as scheduled.
  • Failure to comply with any of the parade rules will result in dismissal from the parade.
  • To cut down on cars, Car Clubs will be limited to 6 cars and must ride staggered or side by side.

For any questions, please contact Allyson Glass at 812-207-8345.


Office Hours

Our office is located on the corner of Pearl and Elm Street and will be open from 12:00pm until 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, beginning the day after Labor Day. Stop by for more information or to pick up an application for one of our various festival events.

431 Pearl Street, New Albany, IN

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