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Volunteers Make Harvest Homecoming Happen

All the amazing Harvest Homecoming events aren't possible without the dedication of our volunteers. In the picture on the left, Polly Niemeier is shown standing in front of our volunteer-planned and painted wall mural on the side of the Harvest Homecoming office.  Polly has been volunteering in many roles and committees for over 40 years.  

By becoming a volunteer with the Harvest Homecoming Festival, you will develop a stronger bond with your community and make long-lasting friendships. Volunteers are so valuable and we in the Harvest Homecoming "Orange" family have a great time working and helping with each other to put on a magnificent festival.  The best part, we find a placement that best suits your skills and your interest. 

We would really enjoy welcoming you into the "Orange" team and having fun volunteering together.  Please join us in making Harvest Homecoming the best festival in the area!

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